A wide range of permanent & portable ramp solutions are available. Please do not hesitate to call Easiaccess on 0800 3217430 - option 2,  if you would prefer to talk through your enquiry with one of our team.


Easirail Handrail System

Easirail has been designed to extend our range of access solutions. Using the same high quality materials and finishes, Easirail is compatible with our existing range of connectors, providing a continuous, compliant and cost effective handrail system.

Designed to be fast and easy to install, it provides the flexibility for a wide array of configurations. All components are fully galvanised and ready coated in a warm touch acrylic finish, providing effective corrosion resistance.

The handrail is simply cut to size and attached using ultra strong rivets, providing a quick, secure method of installation.

Easirail does not look industrial with oversized joints and is therefore perfectly suited outside any home. Whether alongside existing steps or running down a walkway, Easirail can be used to help those who would benefit from the further assistance and assurance that a handrail can provide.
Whilst Easirail is designed to be installed independently of our ramp system, it can equally be used to extend and complement a ramp installation.

Easirail Information

Visit our Easiaccess Channel for introductory installations videos.

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Modular Metal Ramp System

The Easiaccess metal modular ramp system is a high quality product which is extremely cost effective. The range of options available provide flexibility and choice to meet a variety of client needs, whilst ensuring compliance with the latest access regulations.

The system has been designed to be easy to install and most installations can be completed in one day. Anyone wishing to fit the ramp system can enrol on our training programme or to view a video of just how easy our ramp is to install Click Here.

A 3 year warranty is offered as standard however, if appropriately maintained the expected life-span is far greater. We can also provide bespoke sizes and colours subject to a surcharge and lead time. Please discuss your needs with one of our technical advisors.

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Excellent Systems

Excellent Systems is the most versatile access product on the market. Available in both component and kit form, it can be used to create ramps of many shapes and sizes, from small threshold ramps to larger access solutions. 

The modular nature of the system means it can be adapted to overcome a range of access issues with great ease in a short space of time and can also be used in conjunction with other access products. Installation is very simple requiring only a rubber mallet. Tiles can be easily cut and minor adjustments made to allow for kerbs, drainage and door frames, creating an exact fit and providing the perfect solution to overcome thresholds both indoors and outdoors. 

The tiles are extremely strong, robust and durable and have been certified to withstand a load of up to 80 tons per square metre. As a result all Excellent Systems products come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. 

To see how easy Excellent Systems is to install click here 


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Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are lightweight, ultra strong and the ideal solution to provide instant access to either residential or commercial buildings. The ramps we supply are all easy to position, handle, transport and have a slip resistant surface.

Perfect for wheelchairs and scooters, providing a safe passage for both users and carers in a variety of situations, portable ramps are the ideal solution to overcome height differences quickly and easily. All of our portable ramps are manufactured from lightweight composite aluminium panels and have a safe working load of 300kgs.

Slip resistant surface
User friendly; various sizes available
Lightweight, durable and very strong
Compact; easy to store, handle, position and transport

Portable Ramps

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Quickramps are extremely versatile as they can be used both indoors and outdoors and easily cut to shape as required, providing an exact fit around any threshold or recess. They are exceptionally strong, with a load bearing of 2000kgs and can be easily removed and placed into position.

If you need to overcome a small difference in height, there really is no better alternative than a Quickramp. They are the ideal solution to overcome small changes in height, especially at door thresholds, removing trip hazards and making access even easier.




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Door Range

Level Access doors are important to enable access for the less able and wheelchair user but also perfect for prams or cycles at home or in public spaces. The installation of a level access door is a straight forward and cost effective way of providing safe and easy access to a building, with a range of quality, affordable doors to choose from.

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