Easirail Accessories

Our 4.8mm rivets provide an ultra strong method of attachment; simply drill a 5mm hole before setting the rivet, providing a secure fix - a cordless Rivet Gun significantly reduces the installation time. The fast set glue is used with our stainless steel range of connectors providing a seamless, permanent fix.



Easirail Glue

Loctite 401 fast set glue available in 3 sizes, 3ml, 20ml and 50ml

PS45 - Manual Rivet Gun

 Heavy duty lever rivet tool

PB2500 Cordless Rivert Gun

Battery rivet tool with 18v 1.5Ah battery & charger.
It is recommended that organisations undertaking their own installations purchase a Rivet Gun, (either cordless or manual) and a supply of rivets. Installation time is significantly reduced when a cordless Rivet Gun is employed.

   •  Easirail Rivet Gun Leaflet

RVT - Rivets

 Zinc coated domed head rivets.