Easirail Connectors

Our standard connectors provide a friction fit and are manufactured from a UV resistant, hard wearing thermoplastic outer cover and nylon inner collar.

Our stainless steel connectors are precision manufactured from an external grade material ensuring longevity and are simply glued into position, providing an extremely strong fix.


Connecting straight rails and a post.


Connecting a post and rails at a horizontal and vertical angle


Connecting two straight rails


Connecting rails at 90º and a post.


Connecting rails at an angle to a wall

SCON - Straight Connector

Connecting straight handrails

WCON - Wall Connector

Connecting handrails to the wall.

CCON - Corner Connector

Connecting handrails that meet at 90º. 

ACON - Angled Connector

 Connecting handrails that meet at a 1:12 angle.

UCON - Universal Connector

 Adjustable stainless steel handrail connector