Modular Ramp Kits

Access ramps are typically made up from standard Trombone end kits section sizes and most configurations can be created
from our comprehensive range of ramp kits, which are available in a variety of widths and come complete with all required handrails, legs, feet, connectors and fixings.

Our full range of over 200 kits has been designed to take the headache out of specifying and is split into 9 core groups. We can also offer bespoke options to accommodate special requirements.

Rest Platform Kits

Trombone end kits

 A range of termination kits are available with corresponding toe plates in four standard widths (900, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm) and three lengths (300, 800 and 1100mm). 

Hatch Section Kits

Gate Units

Gates units are attached to the side of a 1200 or 1500mm wide platform. We also offer boundary gates which can be installed independently of a ramp.

Ramp Section Kits

Available in four widths (900, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm) and a variety of lengths (300 - 2000mm).

Threshold Platform Kit

A variety of compliant sizes are available.

Platform Return Kit

Step Units

Platform Extension Kits

Platform Turn Kits