Public Access

The demand for public access ramps is on the increase and the Easiaccess product range continues to develop to meet the required legislative standards.

Easiaccess can help you to understand the legislation and guidance, provide the right advice and equip you with the correct products in the required sizes. If your remit is to provide access for all, in shops, public buildings or even National Trust properties, Easiaccess can help you make this possible. For further advice on public access’ please contact our customer care team.


The Old Station, Tintern, Chepstow

Monmouthshire County Council contacted Easiaccess after other specialist contractors had tried and failed to come up with a practical solution to the unique scenario.  They needed ramped access to newly refurbished railway carriages, which now form a shop and tourist information centre. Creating a compliant disabled access route was complicated as the carriage finish floor level is a higher level to the underside of the carriage doors which would swing out therefore the ‘lip’ of the door was posing a unique and complex access problem.

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Monmouthshire School

Bromley College

Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway is one of the largest colleges in the University of London with an excellent reputation for teaching and research. The buildings are Grade 1 listed and since opening in 1886 the College has become one of the top research-led university institutions in the country. The College contacted Easiaccess because they needed specialist support to make their facilities accessible to everyone. In order to make the buildings compliant with DDA regulations, and to enable wheelchair users at the campus access to a wider range of facilities within various locations around the College, Easiaccess were contracted to install a series of access solutions.

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Lumley School

Easitread and Ballustrade

We have developed Easitread to provide an alternative solid surface  to meet the demand for a safety surface in locations where there is a higher risk of falling, particularly where young children are present - a variety a public buildings, including schools, nurseries, hospitals ad libraries etc as well as in residential properties. It provides an enhanced level of slip resistance which is achieved by using high grade GRP and aluminium quartz which is extremely durable. Easitread also provides an aesthetic difference from our standard expanded metal surface, which can be a requirement in certain environments.

Ballustrade rails are also available reducing the open space on any handrail to under 100mm. The ballustrade rails system complies fully with DDA regulations and is manufactured from galvanised steel and coated to match the ramp handrails, which results in a functional, stylish product. A basic section of ballustrade rails are attached to the ramp which prevent children from climbing or injuring themselves on the ramp system.