Step Units

Step units complement a ramp installation perfectly and provide the additional access required for ambulant users that is often overlooked when installing a ramp. 

Whether in a domestic or public access situation, a step unit is often essential for able-bodied and ambulant disabled people who may find it harder to negotiate a ramp. Providing such alternative access is an important consideration and there are a variety of combinations available to suit client requirements in terms of the number and size of steps. 

The step units are fully adjustable, ensuring that each step is equidistant. One to four steps are available as standard with
extensions available up to a maximum of 8 steps. We also offer two tread depths of 300 and 600mm.


Step Units

Step units can also be fixed directly to the wall; ideal for reducing the height of larger steps.

Step Units

The gate & step unit combination terminates a ramp installation beautifully. Aeshetically pleasing in every way and so easy to fit, these units are loved by clients but are also a ramp installers dream.

Step Unit:

Zig Zag design allows for full height adjustability
Location:To provide ambulent access to a ramp or as a stand alone unit