Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are lightweight, ultra strong and the ideal solution to provide instant access to either residential or commercial buildings. The ramps we supply are all easy to position, handle, transport and have a slip resistant surface.

Perfect for wheelchairs and scooters, providing a safe passage for both users and carers in a variety of situations, portable ramps are the ideal solution to overcome height differences quickly and easily. All of our portable ramps are manufactured from lightweight composite aluminium panels and have a safe working load of 300kgs.

Slip resistant surface
User friendly; various sizes available
Lightweight, durable and very strong
Compact; easy to store, handle, position and transport

Portable Ramps


Portable house ramp

The ideal temporary solution to provide access when and where you need it. Folds in half when not in use for better storage and comes with handles for ease of transportation. Standard width of 760mm and available in a range of ten lengths between 610-2590mm.

   •  Portable House Ramp


Length Width Weight
24 PHR:610mm 760mm 3.5kgs
36 PHR:925mm 760mm 6.0kgs
46 PHR:1170mm 760mm 8.0kgs
54 PHR:1370mm 760mm 9.1kgs
60 PHR:1525mm 760mm 10.0kgs
66 PHR:1680mm 760mm 11.0kgs
72 PHR:1830mm 760mm 12.7kgs
78 PHR:1980mm 760mm 14.5kgs
84 PHR:2135mm 760mm 15.2kgs
102 PHR:2590mm 760mm 19.0kgs

Bridge threshold ramp

A lightweight one-piece solution ideal for UPVC thresholds, Patio and French doors. Standard width of 700mm and 600mm in length. Available in two heights of either 40 or 63mm.


   •  Bridge Threshold Ramp


Length Width Weight
15 BTR:600mm 700mm 4.5kgs
25 BTR:600mm 700mm 4.5kgs

Oversill ramp

A lightweight solution designed to bridge door sills allowing wheelchairs and scooters to glide effortlessly over any threshold. Fully adjustable legs for easy relocation. Can be used in conjunction with other portable ramps. 722mm wide and 600mm long.

   •  Overcill Ramp


Length Width Weight
Oversill:600mm 722mm 4.6kgs

Door wedge ramp

The neat ultra lightweight accessory to overcome UPVC thresholds, Patio and French doors. Can be left in place and used in conjunction with other portable ramps. 660mm wide and 460mm long. Available in three heights of 50, 75 and 100mm.


   •  Door Wedge Ramp


Length Width Weight
17 50 DWR:460mm 660mm 3.3kgs
17 75 DWR:460mm 660mm 3.5kgs
17 100 DWR:460mm 660mm 3.7kgs

Flat panel ramp

A one-piece single panel ramp providing an alternative to our portable house ramp. Easy to position and handle. Standard width of 760mm and available in a range of lengths between 610 - 2590mm.


   •  Flat Panel Ramp


Length Width Weight
24-FPR:610mm 760mm 3.0kgs
36-FPR:915mm 760mm 5.5kgs
46-FPR:1170mm 760mm 7.0kgs
54-FPR:1370mm 760mm 8.0kgs
60-FPR:1525mm 760mm 9.0kgs
66-FPR:1680mm 760mm 9.7kgs
72-FPR:1830mm 760mm 10.5kgs
78-FPR:1980mm 760mm 11.3kgs
84-FPR:2135mm 760mm 13.5kgs
102-FPR:2590mm 760mm 16.0kgs

Trio ramp

A three panel, compact folding ramp for ease of transport and storage. An alternative to our portable house ramp. Standard width of 710mm and available in four lengths between 685 - 1400mm.

   •  Trio Ramp


Length Width Weight
27-TRI:685mm 710mm 5.1kgs
34-TRI:865mm 710mm 5.9kgs
50-TRI:1250mm 710mm 8.4kgs
56-TRI:1400mm 710mm 9.4kgs

Stepless Dunslope Lite

Carers will find these super light weight ramps easier to handle than any other similar sized ramps on the market. Easy to carry, open and position in place. The wide style and strength of the ramp enables a carer to walk on the ramp safely as they push a wheelchair. The shorter ramps are ideal to keep in the car for situations where there is an unexpected step to negotiate.

For active wheelchair users, the shortest ramp (RAMP407) is so practical and easy to use you will be able to handle and transport it yourselves; it can even be stored in a useful carry bag on the back of your wheelchair.

Maximum load 300kg
Made from fiberglass and graphite, they are so light you can pick them up by the handle with just one finger
Available in five lengths - 0.7m, 0.85m, 1.25m, 1.65m, 2.05m
They fold vertically, so you can carry them comfortably, like a suitcase
Extra safe non-skid surface
Highly visible yellow safety lines emphasise the edges of the ramp
Comfortable carry handle
Suitable for use with wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters


Length Width Weight
RAMP407:700mm 0.73m 3.5kgs
RAMP408:850mm 0.78m 4kgs
RAMP412:1250mm 0.78m 6kgs
RAMP416:1650mm 0.78m 7.5kgs
RAMP420:2050mm 0.78m 9.5kgs