Quickramps are extremely versatile as they can be used both indoors and outdoors and easily cut to shape as required, providing an exact fit around any threshold or recess. They are exceptionally strong, with a load bearing of 2000kgs and can be easily removed and placed into position.

If you need to overcome a small difference in height, there really is no better alternative than a Quickramp. They are the ideal solution to overcome small changes in height, especially at door thresholds, removing trip hazards and making access even easier.




Quickramp 4mm-16mm

All Quickramps are 1000mm in length and are available in 7 depths in 2mm increments from 4 to 16mm, with the size marked on each ramp. All sizes can be located into position using our Quicktape. Sizes 10mm and above can be secured using Quickpads, making is easy to remove and replace a ramp in position.

All Quickramps are manufactured from polyethylene (PELD) which is completely recyclable, hard wearing and non-toxic (the same material is approved for use with foodstuffs and is used to manufacture milk cartons).

These ramps do not produce a smell and will not mark surfaces it comes into contact with, unlike most rubber alternatives. Moreover it can be easily cleaned and is resistant to all household chemicals and cleaners. 


 Quickpads are used for mounting 10,12,14 and 16mm Quickramps into position, allowing them to be easily removed and re-positioned again and again.

To use Quickpad, all you need to do is determine their position by lining each Quickpad against the threshold, ensuring their position matches the arrows indicated on the top of the ramp.

Peel off the non-stick backing strip, press into the required position to secure and locate the ramp on top, ensuring the arrows and Quickpads are aligned.

This will secure the ramp in position to prevent any movement whilst allowing it to be easily removed for cleaning and placed back down.


 Quicktape is used to secure Quickramps of all sizes into position. Quicktape can be removed with minimal effort, causing no damage and leaving no residue behind.

Using Quicktape is very straight forward to use. All you need to do is remove one side of the non-stick backing strip, place into position as marked by a small indentation on the underside of the ramp and press firmly.

Once all Quicktapes are positioned, simply remove the remaining backing strip, carefully lower into the final position and press firmly.