Modular Metal System

Do they come with a warranty?
A 3 year manufacturer’s warranty is offered, however if appropriately maintained, the expected life-span is far greater (copies available on request).

Is it difficult to install?
Most installations can be completed in one day, although extensive groundworks, site preparation & larger ramps can take longer. We recommend anyone wishing to install our ramp system takes part in our installation training programme & we also have a demonstration video.

Cost effectiveness versus a concrete/timber ramp?
Our system is reusable & recyclable offering the best long term & cost efficient ramp solution.

Is it available in any other colour?
The standard & most popular colour is green however, an alternative colour can be provided subject to a surcharge & lead time.

Are there alternative sizes available?
Bespoke sizes are available subject to a lead time. Please discuss your needs with one of our technical advisors.

Do you have a ramp recycling programme?
Yes. Ask our customer care team about the removal, storage & refurbishment options available in your area.

Excellent Systems

Is it difficult to install?
Installation is very simple, usually only requiring a rubber mallet & saw (if cutting to size is required). An installation demonstration video is available.

What is the maximum height you can build up to?
Around 148mm is the maximum height we build to whilst still being a classed as a portable product. Higher ramps can be constructed but platforms, kerbs & handrails need to be considered. As a rule of thumb, if the ramp cannot be lifted & stored the ramp becomes permanent (& should comply with Doc M etc).

Do they come with a warranty?
A 5 year manufacturer’s warranty is offered, however the expected life-span is far greater (copies available on request).

Can the system components be reused?
The fixings are the only components which cannot be reused once installed; it is designed to be taken apart & reassembled.

Will the Excellent Systems tiles take the weight of a power chair or scooter?
The tiles are extremely strong & robust & have been certified to withstand a load of up to 80 tons per square metre.

Are other colour options available?
The most popular colour is grey. However stone grey & black is available subject to a surcharge & lead time.

What are your opening hours?
Weekdays from 08.30 to 16.30 our customer care team is available to take your calls. Alternatively you can visit our extensive assessment area to view or trial our products; where possible, we recommend you call us before visiting so we can ensure an access specialist is available to help.

Do you have a price list?
A detailed price list is available in both digital & paper formats upon request.

Can you deliver?
We offer a 24 hour nationwide delivery service on orders placed before 2pm on stocked items. A free of charge delivery service is available within our local area subject to a minimum order quantity.

I am not sure which equipment best suits my needs, can you help?
We have a team of surveyors & access specialists who are highly trained & experienced in specifying the correct equipment. If you would like to talk through your requirements, arrange a site survey or trial our products in our demonstration area to ensure they are right for you, please contact us.

I am a trade customer can I open an account?
Our customer care team will happily talk you through the process & send out all the necessary paperwork to open a trade account.

What is your returns policy?
A returns policy is supplied with all of our goods; if you would like a copy please contact our customer care team who will be happy to send you one.