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China Expansion

Grace Zhao will be taking on the roll of Business Development Manager and will carry out market research and start negotiations with firms in the country.

Easibathe has chosen a good time to break into China, as news broke in February that China had become the world’s second largest economy and is on track to become the biggest in the next 10 years.

China has an estimated 83 million disabled people, and Easibathe feels that their products and expertise could make a real difference there.

Grace’s responsibilities include liaison with Chinese suppliers, visiting factories to supervise project progress, translating company brochures and other documents and assisting with Easibathe and Easiaccess's legal work for doing business in China. 

Easibathe and Easiaccess Chairman Martin Cook has been heading up operations in China. He is learning Mandarin so that he can build relationships with potential clients and suppliers more effectively. He comments: “After extensive research and a number of trade missions and visits to various parts of the country we have established that there is a huge gap in the market for us to supply our products.”

“Due to the size of the country and the market potential we felt that it is important to have a full time China-based Mandarin speaking employee to assist us in our research and development. Having Grace on board allows us to have a contact in the country for our Chinese clients. We are also researching the benefits of having a registered office in China.” 

Grace adds that “the Chinese market, compared with the western market still has huge space for the development of accessible products. Also, the Chinese government is realising the importance of building a better living environment for the disabled and elderly and is investing huge amounts of money in this area.”

In terms of promoting their products to the Chinese market, Easibathe has developed a Mandarin website and are in the process of having their sales literature translated. They are keen to display that they are dedicated to providing the Chinese market with their expert advice and quality products.