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Easiaccess are Foundations new Technical Officer Meeting Sponsor

Easiaccess are delighted to be sponsoring Foundations national programme of Technical Officer Meetings for 2015 which take place across 5 regions.

Although in the past Foundations outsourced the delivery of its support to the 250-300 technical officers in the HIA sector, a change in the delivery model meant that technical support would be provided internally. As a leading product supplier of specialist bathing and ramping products, Easibathe and Easiaccess are delighted to support Foundations to enable the technical support to be managed internally and continue to offer a very valuable service to the sector.

Foundations is the National Body for Home Improvement Agency (HIA) and Handyperson Services in England and oversees a national network of over 170 home improvement agencies (HIAs) and handyperson providers across England, dealing with more than 400,000 enquiries from older and vulnerable people each year.

At Foundations they are all about helping to build a vibrant and sustainable HIA sector, supporting more people to take control of their lives and maintain independence at home.

Their sector’s aim is to improve the quality and choice of suitable housing for older people, focusing on providing good quality, accessible advice and information so older people can make planned choices about appropriate housing; and supporting them to adapt their homes as their health and needs change especially through later years.

Find out more about the the work of an HIA and why they should be an essential part of the delivery of integrated care. 

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