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Easiaccess' Partner Direct Access Steps In to help local school

Thames Pre-School, in Cricklade, received an early Christmas present this year when a Swindon company installed a brand new entrance ramp for them, free of charge. The school operates as a charity and relies on fundraising to purchase any new equipment as well as make repairs to older items, and holds a number of events throughout the year to bring in money. 

Staff conducted an annual review in September to decide what needed improving during the upcoming academic year. On the list was a new ramp for the front entrance. The existing wooden ramp had become soggy and while it wasn’t dangerous, it
would need replacing within the next few years. Charlotte Brooks, the co-chairwoman of the preschool emailed Direct Access
Ltd, which is based in Swindon, to ask if they would be able to offer any assistance. The following day, she was contacted by managing director Alan Scott, who visited the school a few days later to take photos and measurements, and returned within a week to fit the new £3,300 ramp, at no cost to the school. 

“We were contacted by Thames Pre-School who told us that the school is a charity which relies on donations for all repairs and equipment”, said Alan. “They were in need of a new entrance ramp, as the old wooden one was deteriorating. “This request ignited our Christmas spirit and we decided to supply and install a Modular Ramp system free of charge, which allows the school to finance a new boiler, conduct electrical repairs and buy resources for the children.” Charlotte added: “I didn’t know if it was going to happen, even when he came out to measure up, as I knew it was such a big ask. 

“We are so grateful for Alan’s generosity, the new ramp is the best Christmas present the pre-school could ask for.”