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Easibathe and Easiaccess Coast to Coast Completed!

After almost 155 miles (which should have been 136!), 2 major breakdowns, 4 punctures, an over the handlebars tumble, 1 melted cycling glove and a middle-aged rock band, we all made it from Whitehaven to Tynemouth in 3 days with 12 sore posteriors and 1 huge sense of achievement!

At times it proved to be immensely testing, yet everyone rose to the challenge and pulled together to get us to the end. Day one started off rather slowly with the group travelling around 2 miles in the first 3 hours due to ‘technical issues’. This meant we were left with minimal breaks trying to make up lost time, eventually arriving at our first overnight stop in the pitch black, guided by only a few riders who had lights! We all agreed, Indian food had never tasted as good, even if it was pushing 10.30pm by the time we sat down.

Day two started well, even if a wrong turn did add an extra 6 miles onto our journey. Having tackled Whinlatter pass the day before without any casualties, our attention turned to Hartside Pass and climbing the 1904ft for a well-deserved break. After a quick re-fuel at the bottom, everyone made it up despite leaving the feeling in their backsides at the bottom – it was hard! We thought we had a relatively easy remainder to the day and so the mantra began that ‘it’s all downhill from here’ – yeah right!

We accidentally chose the harder of two routes after the 3 mile, 30mph descent from Hartside to Stanhope which took us through Garrigill – the locals warned us ‘the worst is yet to come’ and they weren’t wrong. With one rise after the next, all steep and pretty much relentless we all had to dig very deep to make it to the top. Our reward was another sharp decline resulting in the smell of burnt brake pads and the appearance of another steep climb. It took us another two steep climbs with only a quick drink in between to finally start the gentle descent into Stanhope – the day had sharply turned into a test of endurance and persevere, which by the end of it, everyone was glad to be off the saddle.

A nice pub meal, accompanied by a good dose of hysteria and the set-up of a stupidly loud band in a fairly small room, rounded off the day in preparation for the 3.1k up Crawleyside the next morning. This again proved one hell of a challenge on pretty cold legs but true to form, everyone made it to the top for a well-deserved tea break. We had heard by this point that you had pretty much done the coast to coast as ‘the rest was all downhill’ – for once, they were right! Apart from a few minor climbs it was a fairly gentle ride down to Tynemouth where we were met with the support and of friends and family to celebrate getting to the end.

I’m sure more stories and details will emerge over the coming weeks. With donations still coming in, we’re really please to think that we are set to break the £2000 barrier for Percy Hedley. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has sponsored us, wished us well and helped make it all happen.   

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