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It's Easi to back Apprenticeships

 North East based bathing and ramping specialist recruited its first apprentice, 20-year-old Elliot McClurry, in June 2013, through Access Training and have been very impressed with the potential he has already showed during his apprenticeship. So much so that they have hired a further two new apprentices, Chelsea Wears in their Easiaccess division and Rebecca Thompson in the Easibathe division, who are both learning so much in a short time and are already a real asset to the business.

Elliot who completed his Advanced Apprenticeship in Business Administration recently commented: “I
m pleased I made the choice to join Easibathe and Easiaccess and to follow the apprenticeship route. I have already progressed in the role in a short amount of time, so I feel really lucky.”

“Before starting at Easibathe I was studying at Northumbria University towards my Built Environment qualification but early in my second year I decided it wasn
t for me, I wasnt enjoying it. I wanted a professional job whilst working towards gaining business qualifications.”

d say that the best aspect of my job is the variety of things I get involved with and the experiences I have gained”

s line manager, Sales and Marketing Manager Tracey Barker said: “We have been delighted with Elliots performance over the past year, hes such a fast learner and has fulfilled a full time job role right from the start and not purely supplementing administration support. This is not an easy option for a young apprentice however Elliot has developed into a great employee, an asset to the business who will hopefully stay and build a career with us for many years to come.”

For Easibathe and Easiaccess we were apprehensive initially and unsure if apprentice schemes were the right decision for our business, however, this has been 100% successful and I would recommend it to other organisations.  Not only do apprentices give young people a chance for personal business development but they also inject organisations with a younger stream of future employees. Elliot, Chelsea and Rebecca are quickly gathering lots of business experience that is difficult to attain when fulfilling part time jobs and as our business continues to grow, so do the opportunities for career progression.”

Elliots Trainer, Stewart Shackleton from Access Training commented “Elliot is to be congratulated on his success within Easibathe so far, fulfilling a full time role in a busy sales team whilst also successfully completing his apprenticeship in only 15 months is even more recognisable. He is now progressing into the Easiaccess division whilst also supporting new apprentices in the business, well done Elliot.” 

Easibathe and Easiaccess employ approximately 60 people, the staff consist of a large team of surveyors, installers and administrators, Elliot is responsible for the administration side of all Easibathe adaptation products on a supply only basis to the network of local and national clients and is keen to progress with the company and gain more qualifications.

Easibathe and Easiaccess supply and install bathing adaptations and accessible ramping solutions nationwide.
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